Community Service

Ms. Bautista

Posted February 24, 2017

To recycle and transform plastic grocery bags into sleeping mats 

With this project, the students will be able to keep non-recyclable materials out of our landfills and help some of our neediest residents have a safe place to sleep.

Operation Bed Roll is a collaboration project between the Greensboro’s Field Operations and Police department and they are in need lots of people to help make and crochet. This is an ideal craft project for the girls and at the same time helping the community to conserve the environment by recycling. This project shows care to the homeless by giving them a safe to place sleep. 



Mr. Jessup`s CLP Group

Posted February 24, 2017

Feeding the Homeless of Greensboro (Urban Ministries)

Served lunch to hundreds and formed new friendships/respect for the less fortunate.

A way to give back to the community and see that many people in the area are in need.


We choose this project to make money so that we can use the money to help people in need. We are going to buy winter cloths such as gloves, scarves or food to be donated to the one of the following organizations.

  1. Organization: Salvation Army Center of Hope

  2. Organization: YWCA Family Shelter

Community Service

Posted February 24, 2017

Students are advertising the customized mugs to Tmsa community. They are designing and painting the mugs



Mr.  Students

Posted February 24, 2017


 Students are trying to donate free rice to people who is in need. In this program, for each right answer they donate 10 grains of rice throughout the world  
•    How do they take a responsibility?
-     create an account on 

-    Then they answer questions in different subject it also increases their math, language art and science skills)

-    They  dedicate their time to answer questions in order to donate more rice to people who needs food in poor countries with of UN.
•    What is the reason to choose this project?
-    To increase gratefulness  in their life
-    To improve math la and science skills. 
•    What is the outcome?
-    Each student donated 10.000 of rice to the program.

Mr.  CLP Team

Posted February 24, 2017

hosted their annual Science Fair and My CLP team was invited to present their robots and teach kids how to design and build the robot. The purpose of the project was increasing the awareness of Robotics Education and satisfying Elementary Kids Curiosity about robotics.


20 Elementary students were with and they controlled the Robot which was built by team members.  Students were about the robots and drove the robot while they were listening how to design and build a robot. They pass their experience along students and increase their awareness about Robotics.


Mr.Aydin`s CLP Team

Posted May 31, 2019

My CLP students must get high scores on EOG exam to be in advance class in the Middle School. CLP students are informed about the advantage of being in advance class, getting high school courses in middle school, college courses in high school and early graduation from university. Therefore, I aimed to improve their perseverance to push/challenge them to even perform their best. They observed/experienced the growth of low achievers when they do not give up and push themselves to improve. Now, All CLP kids are focused and ready for their EOG to get straight 5’s.